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The Virtual Physics Laboratory (VPLab) is a simulation-based learning environment allowing students to conduct "virtual experiments" which feature many characteristics and constraints normally associated with real experiments, such as: uncertainty of measuring apparatus, small random fluctuations of parameters, and limitations in the range or control that the experimenter has over parameters and variables.

For each experiment, the VPLab environment also offers explanations and demonstrations in a multimedia format (video clips of real experiments, interactive explanations concerning mathematical and (or) physical considerations, etc.) that closely match up against the simulated experimental set-up.

For a detailed description of the VPLab, see the following text.

The latest version (3.4) of the VPLab can be downloaded from the Download page of this site. The application also gives access to explanations (videoclips, laboratory guides, etc.) located on the VPLab Web site. All lab tools and simulations are available in English, but help files and the video library pages (on this site), as well as most multimedia explanatory documents (in the VPLab) have not been translated.

Note : The VPLab was developed at Télé-university's LICEF research center. It was part of project LVEST (Laboratoires virtuels pour l'éducation en science et technologie), funded by par Canarie Inc. and the Office of Learning Technologies (OLT).

We wish to thank professor Michèle Brédimas and her team, from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), for permitting the use of footage from the movie Le manège.

Marc Couture

Last updated May 22, 2016.