Marc Couture, honorary professor, Université TELUQ
Marc Couture
Honorary professor, Université TÉLUQ


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I hold a Ph. D. (optics and lasers) from Laval University (Quebec City, Canada). I was professor at Télé-université from 1986 to my retirement in 2016. I contributed primarily to the general science programs. I designed not only physics courses, but also courses on history of science, science education, science methods and open science.

My field of research was the application of information technology, more specifically multimedia and simulation, to science education. I developed a virtual physics laboratory and several multimedia/simulation applications for physics and chemistry education, and investigated their use in various research projects.

I was also interested, and maintain research activities on open access, copyright, and intellectual property in higher education. I coauthored a book (in French) and regularly give talks on these subjects.

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